Usually grief can be processed by an individual over time but sometimes counselling is needed to help with the grieving process. 

There is no right way to grieve but if you feel stuck in grief you may need help to move through the stages. It isn't a linear progression and it can feel like you're going backwards sometimes but it helps to know that what you're experiencing is normal. 

Helen also supports those experiencing suicide grief. 

A poem adapted by a member of Compassionate Friends USA:

If you think you are going mad – that’s normal

If all you do is cry – that’s normal

If you have trouble with most minor decisions – that’s normal

If you can’t taste your food or have no appetite – that’s normal

If you feel rage, denial, depression – that’s normal

If you find yourself enjoying a funny moment and then feel guilty – that’s normal

If you feel angry when someone says “it was God’s will” – that’s normal

If you can’t talk about it but can smash dishes and kick the dustbin – that’s normal

If you can share your story with an understanding listener – that’s a beginning

If you can get a glimpse of the person’s life rather than their death – that’s wonderful

If you can remember with a smile – that’s healing

If you find your mirrors have become windows and you can reach out to another bereaved person – that’s growing.


Helen has undertaken further grief support training with Cruse Bereavement Support. She is a volunteer and supervisor with Cruse.


£48- 1 hour session

Helen Preston

3 Boytons Acre, Saffron Walden CB11 4FS

Tel. 01799 525033 and 07510 645673 - Email

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